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Selected Inventory of Collectibles & Antiques in Our Retail Store:

Below is a selected list of items in our store at the East Town Antique Mall, store #904. Any listed item can be purchased online. Just CONTACT US and tell us which items you are interested in, and we can send you an online paypal invoice to purchase it, and have it shipped to you.

We offer many more antiques and collectible smalls in our store not listed here, including bottles, insulators, ephemera, vintage advertising originals, reproduction prints and posters, photography, Chattanooga and local items, civil war (when available), pop culture and "baby boomer" era collectibles.

The mall telephone number is (423) 899-5498. Our telephone number is (423) 415-1412.

LOOK - 9-8-70 - "Garbo is 65" $9.98
LIFE - 11-24-67 - "When Kennedy Went to Texas, Last Seconds of Motorcade" (JFK Assassination) $10.00
LIFE - 4-19-68 - "America's Farewell in Anger and Grief - Coretta Scott King cover" (MLK Assassination) $10.00
LIFE - 11-25-66 - "Did Oswald Act Alone? A Matter of Reasonable Doubt" (JFK Assassination) $10.00
LOOK - 2-21-67 - "Flight From Dallas: The abrasive relationship between Kennedy and Johnson partisans during the hours aboard Air Force One" (JFK Assassination) $10.00
LOOK - 1968 Special - "The Bobby Kennedy We Knew" (RFK Assassination) $10.00
LIFE - 2-5-65 - "Churchill's Funeral, 21 pages in color" $10.00
LIFE - "The Kennedys" (Special Edition) $10.00
LIFE - 9-28-53 - "The Enigma of [William] Faulkner, His Family His Country" $10.00
LIFE - 6-16-52 - "Ike's Return to Abilene" (1952 presidential election) $10.00
LIFE - 11-17-52 - "Ike's Victory Election Special" (1952 presidential election) $10.00
LIFE - 3-9-62 - "My Own Story of the Orbit, John Glenn" $10.00
LIFE - 10-22-52 - "Biggest Secret Operation Since D-Day" (Korean War) $10.00
LOCAL HISTORY - Chattanooga Times JFK Assassination headline issue - 11-23-63 -original $19.95
LOCAL HISTORY - 9-29-49 - Chattanooga City vs. Memphis Central High School Football program $10.00
LOCAL HISTORY - 1950s - Homeplate Restaurant menu (RARE), "Where Friends Meet" Seventh and Cherry (Chattanooga, TN) $19.50